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The Price of Love

Before reading this, there are a couple of ideas that must be understood and accepted:      First, “unconditional Love” (represented with a capital ‘L’) vs “conditional love” (represented with a lowercase ‘l’). This is equivalent to God and god.      Second, there is a sense of duality that governs this realm of reality; a balance that must exist in order for all things to operate.      Third, nothing is “free” in this realm of reality. A form of energy is required for all things to operate. ____________________________       The majority of human beings utilize conditional love, which is a binding or contractual type of love. Therefore, certain requirements must be fulfilled before love is initiated and once initiated, those requirements must remain fulfilled or love is terminated (this is the exchange of energy or “price tag” for conditional love). If a goal is to raise one's vibrational frequency or elevate one's consciousness, can it be observed how this