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Psychic Abilities

Everyone is inherently psychic - and this is most evident in small children who talk about seeing ‘invisible’ friends and angels, and who know and speak of things they couldn’t possibly know … for example, when loved ones have been in an accident etc. In families and societies where psychic visions are discouraged, children shut down or off their spiritual sight. Psychics generally have one or two channels in which they are naturally gifted. * Receiving psychic impressions as pictures is ‘clairvoyance’ or ‘clear-seeing’. * ‘Clairsentience’ or ‘clear-feeling’ is when psychic messages come in the form of hunches, emotions, smells or physical sensations. * Psychic impressions such as sounds, noises and voices is known as ‘clairaudience’ or ‘clear-hearing’. * Receiving psychic information as complete ideas is known as ‘claircognizance’ or ‘clear-thinking’. The more you accept psychic abilities as a natural part of life, the more frequently they occur. Some ways to amplify your psychic abil