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The Neuroscience of Meditation

MINDFULNESS , HEALTH & HAPPINESS For thousands of years, there was no way of testing scientifically whether meditation really worked. It was a purely internal experience discovered and verified by each new practitioner within their own mind. In the last few decades, new technologies have allowed us to objectively measure some of the effects of meditation. We’re far from a complete understanding, but early findings are fascinating. At the same time there has been a revolution in the field of neuroscience with the discovery that the brain is not hardwired and fixed, even in adulthood. It is constantly changing throughout a person’s life. Everything we do changes the brain in some way. When we practice a skill, the brain regions we use actually grow bigger, and when we don’t use parts of our brain, these regions shrink. This is what scientists call neuroplasticity. All this adds up to the tantalizing question: How does meditation change the physical structure of the brain? Scienti

People Pleasing, Energy Healing & How to Say No

Do you have a hard time saying no to certain things or people? Is it difficult for you not to drop everything to do someone a favor, or stress yourself out because you want to help someone or be involved in as many things as possible? If so, you might have an issue with people-pleasing. People-pleasing is usually driven by good intentions. We want to be nice. We sincerely want to help. We don’t want to be perceived as selfish, unhelpful or incapable. Or, maybe we feel that saying no will lead to a confrontation we don’t want. Whatever your reasons for people-pleasing, it can lead to you feeling overwhelmed or neglecting your own needs because you’re so busy trying to please everyone else. To all you people pleasers out there, we have one thing to say: Stop it (please). 😉 There are a lot of methods — energy healing included — that might help in saying no. How to Say No With the Right Words If saying no is kind of a new thing to you, it might help to have these techniques in