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At the Age of 30...

On the beautiful afternoon of August 6, 1988 I,Nicholas Nelson, entered this physical realm of being.  After 30 years and a few months of Life experience, I feel as if I finally have the privilege to "talk some shit" or "speak some knowledge" about Life. If I could go back to 18, 21, hell even 24 year old Nick and sit him down to explain how little he knows about Life...what a conversation that would be.  He would fight me so hard with his 18,21, or 24 year old knowledge because he is so very sure "he knows".  Man, that dude didn't know shit.  Have you ever listened to someone speak and you knew damn well they had no clue what they were talking about?  That would be 30 year old Nick listening to 18-24 year old Nick talk about his knowledge of Life.  Of course he may have a general understanding of Life at those young ages but, the knowledge of the detailed intricacies of Life don't come until later on (hell they are still coming). At the ag

Driving Your Desires

Allow yourself to focus on a single desire and watch how all of your desires manifest! Enjoy!

Transformational Magic

What I remember from my dream is walking into my dwelling to find my betta fish “swimming” in mid-air. (It felt like "home" but I don't recognize it from this life nor do I currently have a betta fish.) At eye-level, it swam in mid-air towards me and nuzzled against the left side of my face. I wondered how it was able to survive out of its water bowl. How could it be breathing our air? How could it be flying in the middle of the room as though it was still swimming in water? The answer came as an understanding when I stepped slightly out of the dream but still in sleep. The Message: Incredible change happens in micro-increments. No one had been tending to the fish. The water was evaporating little by little, day by day. Soon, the top of the fish was exposed to the air. Molecule by molecule the water left the fish’s container allowing enough time for adaptation and change. Bit by bit the fish got used to being exposed to the air. By the time all the water wa

Traveling for Transformation

We’re on Life!

Airbnb in Fresno, CA Sitting in our Airbnb room in Fresno, California, working on our laptops, Nick & I overhear our host telling her visitor/friend about us (we’re her first Airbnb guests!). “They are on vacation.” She says. Nick smiles and turns to me repeating her words : “We’re on vacation.” He lets out a restrained, soft laugh then corrects the statement “We’re on Life!” My goodness, our life is an indefinite vacation! I can’t tell you how many times over the past few months where we couldn’t guess what day of the week it was or what day of the month it was. This is a true sign we’re doing what Nick & I were discussing in our Frisco, Texas apartment a year ago. No more work days or work hours. No more schedules. What would that feel like, we wondered. And now we’re living it! Not only do we not have a timely concept of days and dates, we have been proven to be oblivious of holidays as well. We were asked “What are you doing for Thanksgiving?” Nick