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Leaving Comforts

July 10, 2018 is when this journey officially began.  The comforts of living and thinking that I managed to rig some type of foundation on, were going to leave with no guarantee of returning.  _____________________________________________________________________ This was the amazing apartment Ruba and I lived in while in Frisco, TX.  There were many wonderful meals devoured, deep conversations, laughs, and maybe some cries shared in this space.  Man, no lie...I miss this place.     The top photo is from the balcony. That balcony was the birthplace of many ideas and also held some of those deep conversations that probably overflowed from the living room. The bottom photo is a bit of the entrance. It always felt amazing to come home after a long day and see a view like this waiting for you. One day we decided to remove the middle-man and start making our own lemon-aid. This was a total success and repeated many, many times. Man, I loved making that stuff and

It can get worse. It can get better.

A good friend of mine reached out to me with the following: "My favorite massage teacher in the whole world used to say, "If it can get worse, it can get better." and I want to hear your story about that." This is where my understanding is at the moment: How we see a situation is based on our judgment of it. And, whether we know it or not, we’re always judging. Consequently, we give a situation a path to a certain outcome based on the energy we give it with our judgment. So, if we see a situation as bad, then we give it permission and momentum to develop in that direction. And if we see a situation as a doorway to better possibilities, then our thoughts direct creative energy to the situation; guiding it to evolve in the direction of our beliefs. Over the last few years a creed developed for me that still stands unchallenged by my experiences. A set of three “rules”. The first two don’t pertain to the topic at hand, but the third is:

We're Doing It!

Waking up to a new reality. Waking up in Austin, Texas. It wasn’t an overnight whim nor was it entered into lightly or simply. It took courage, introspection and Soul growth. It took many smaller steps towards an uncertain vision that held the possibility of adventuring into new experiences. Trading fear of the unknown and the comforts of the familiar in exchange for the possibility of finding something new out there and, more importantly, something new within ourselves. I could not have fathomed this odyssey long enough for it to become my reality nor could I have taken the first steps that lead to it without Nick. He holds the space for my outward thoughts and my inward meditations. His stillness calms me and his companionship keeps me brave. He keeps vigil over me that I do not regress into the previous versions of me. It takes new thoughts to shift paradigms. It takes new thoughts to make new choices. Thoughts and choices alone don’t bring about change - taking action brin

The Journey is the Destination

Ruba and I started a journey roughly four months ago, bringing only what we could fit in our 2017 Civic.  Reducing two lives into a Civic isn't the easiest task, but when adventure answer.  What we're doing will be shared in future blogs, but before we go any further, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Nick Nelson and I am a seeker of knowledge.  I believe knowledge is what separates or compartmentalizes us within Time. For example, a child is a child and an adult is an adult due to knowledge.  The more knowledge one retains, the greater their responsibility in this place.  I am one that believes the greatest responsibility is one's self, therefore knowledge of the self is of great importance in this place.  As this journey unfolds, so will I.        Bob Wentz Park - Austin, Texas