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What Does Healing Mean?

Healing means wholeness, thus in order to heal on all levels, we must consider all aspects which make great health possible. Our bodies have a secret language they communicate to us with. If we learn to listen to our bodies' natural wisdom, then our wellbeing will improve, our lives will prosper and we will experience happiness, fulfilment, and joy. The first step to healing is knowing that you want to be well. The next step is taking action. I ask people in many of my lectures if they feel that they can improve 2% a week. Everyone says that this is doable. Then I ask how much improvement is that in a year? ‘More than 100% ‘, is most people's enthusiastic response. This means that if you focus on slow and steady and make small improvements, by the end of the year you will be a much healthier person. Dr. Bernie Siegel the author of  Love Medicine  and Miracles  says, “You can get up and move, wait for a disaster to occur to you or seek wisdom.” On a daily basis, I sha