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So here’s a pretty compelling and revolutionary idea that incidentally, also makes a lot of sense. According to Jill Willard (the intuitive who taught us how to Trust the Gut ), our “bodies” are actually made up of four distinct parts—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual—and while three of them seem intangible and ephemeral, they actually have a physical presence. “These are additional rings around your body…in fact, a lot of extra physical weight is actually in the emotional body—it’s as though the physical expands to eat up the space allotted to the emotional ring.” Per Jill, each body should be balanced—and makeup 25% of our wholeness: “This is the roadmap to health, wellness, and understanding our true being.” To add an extra level of complexity, two of the bodies are masculine (physical, mental), and two are feminine (emotional, spiritual), which further underlines why so many of us are out of whack. “Our culture generally emphasizes the masculine or patriarchal side of things—e