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You Can Read Energy, Access Your Intuition and Heal

I believe everyone has access to their intuition and incredible healing abilities as long as they are willing to practice specific exercises and keep their mind and heart open. In fact, though this is a paradoxical statement, the more you can release the whole notion of needing a particular result from your mind, the greater the insights and the healing is likely to be. The idea is to do everything you can to create a result, while at the same time, not be attached to the result. This enables you to work from the most powerful space. This principle can also be successfully engaged in all other areas of your life. When people want to open up to their intuition the first thing they need to do is to recognize the signs that are available to them. For some people, it will be a feeling, for others a thought, a smell, a visual image or even a voice. One of my clients, Rosemary, told me she heard a voice telling her she had to go into a beautiful looking shop. She had no idea why she w