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Intuition: Looking for Signs to Make Important Choices

Whether you need to heal your body, make a significant life decision, connect to an important person, safeguard your life, or find a solution to a work challenge, effective use of your intuition is a major key. To be intuitive means to be able to access the wise all-knowing aspect of yourself and then to decipher the messages you receive and make empowering choices. Intuitive insights can come to you when you are awake, while meditating, dreaming, taking a shower, exercising, connecting to your body, or simply relaxing. While you may be more likely to access your intuition when you are in a meditative state, it can arise at any point, including often during a time of crisis. Mona Lisa Schulz, in her book Awakening Intuition, writes, “Intuition is an internal form of perception of things that are not directly in front of us in the world. It’s an inner sight, a form of hearing, body sense, and emotion. It’s actually common to all the other senses and an enhancement of them. What