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What Does Healing Mean?

Healing means wholeness, thus in order to heal on all levels, we must consider all aspects which make great health possible. Our bodies have a secret language they communicate to us with. If we learn to listen to our bodies' natural wisdom, then our wellbeing will improve, our lives will prosper and we will experience happiness, fulfilment, and joy.

The first step to healing is knowing that you want to be well. The next step is taking action. I ask people in many of my lectures if they feel that they can improve 2% a week. Everyone says that this is doable. Then I ask how much improvement is that in a year? ‘More than 100% ‘, is most people's enthusiastic response. This means that if you focus on slow and steady and make small improvements, by the end of the year you will be a much healthier person.

Dr. Bernie Siegel the author of Love Medicine and Miracles says, “You can get up and move, wait for a disaster to occur to you or seek wisdom.” On a daily basis, I share with my clients and workshop participants that they can either learn things the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is to listen to their body and follow its wisdom. The hard way is to do nothing and then get sick. Either way, it’s a choice.  

Below is a short exercise to help you tune in, communicate with your body and heal. It is taken from my book The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness.

Exercise for tuning into your body: 

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down
  2. Count backward from thirty as you take deep breaths and allow your mind and body to relax
  3. Focus on an area in your body that feels blocked or where you have pain
  4. Breathe into the area for a few moments, and then place your hands on that area
  5. Ask your body, ‘Is there any message you want to give me?’
  6. Take a few deep breaths as you allow any messages to come to the surface
  7. Write this message down
  8. Say: ‘I call on my Divine Healing Intelligence to help release all pain, blockages and density from this area.’
  9. Allow yourself to watch and feel, as dense energy leaves your body.
  10. Say: ‘I call on my Divine Healing Intelligence to infuse this area with healing energy. I command that all the immune mechanisms of my body be activated and my body now return to a state of perfect balance and health.’
  11. Breathe in continuously for a minute, allowing the energy to build
  12. Imagine a gold light moving through your body and repairing it
  13. When you feel lighter gently bring your awareness back to usual and open your eyes, knowing that you have activated your own Divine Healing Intelligence

You can use this exercise on a daily basis, either to focus on specific problems or to heal your whole body.

Post by Milly Toovey.

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