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You Can Read Energy, Access Your Intuition and Heal

I believe everyone has access to their intuition and incredible healing abilities as long as they are willing to practice specific exercises and keep their mind and heart open. In fact, though this is a paradoxical statement, the more you can release the whole notion of needing a particular result from your mind, the greater the insights and the healing is likely to be.

The idea is to do everything you can to create a result, while at the same time, not be attached to the result. This enables you to work from the most powerful space. This principle can also be successfully engaged in all other areas of your life.

When people want to open up to their intuition the first thing they need to do is to recognize the signs that are available to them. For some people, it will be a feeling, for others a thought, a smell, a visual image or even a voice. One of my clients, Rosemary, told me she heard a voice telling her she had to go into a beautiful looking shop. She had no idea why she was meant to go in there. However, once she found the shop she also discovered that it had the exact remedy she needed to improve her health.

One of my first experiences with regards to accessing healing information, that I recognized and paid attention to was when Lyn, a woman I didn’t know very well visited my home. We were sitting and talking amiably when all of a sudden I saw a huge image of a liver floating above her head. I was taken aback for a moment and tried to adjust my vision, but the image was become more detailed, revealing further information.

So I decided to take a chance and share with Lyn what I was seeing. However, to honor her choice, I first asked if she wanted to know what I was seeing. She said, ‘Yes,’ and I began to describe what her liver was showing me. I saw that the disease Lyn had gone a long way back to her past and was associated with her grandfather who suffered from the same illness. I was shown that the illness was triggered by a virus when she was a child. I also saw that her problem was genetic and that her body contained a lot of suppressed feelings of loss, grief and bitterness, all of which were aggravating her condition.

I shared with Lyn many more private details about what was happening in her life. After I finished, Lyn was amazed, as she confirmed that everything I told her was true. What astonished me the most was the incredible intelligence of the body and its ability to store an extraordinary amount of information, not only about the individual but also their ancestors. It demonstrated to me our incredible connection with each other.

Although this experience was quite profound as is human nature I still doubted my intuition. Yet having that occurrence gave me a platform to work from. All I had to do was to be open and take it one step at a time. So I made a decision, that if I was given an ability to help people with my intuition I was going to use it. After all, we can only learn and expand by using the faculties we have.

I am a very creative person. I love to experiment with different ideas and discover what works for me. So one of my first challenges was to heal myself. I had been suffering from debilitating back pain for years and it was getting to a point where, for days on end, I literally could not walk. I had visited many different holistic practitioners. In fact, I was seeing practitioners practically every day. Although some techniques helped slightly, it was all temporary. Meantime the condition of my back was getting progressively worse.

When nothing worked, I started to pray for help as I was feeling pretty desperate. Although I was in a lot of pain I knew that my pain was also an opportunity to join with spirit, expand my mind and heal my body.

One day I felt an urge to lie down, and relax. As I took some deep breaths I felt an opening in my heart. I was inspired to ask the universal energy of unconditional love to help and support me. As I placed my attention on my body I became aware of all the pain and discomfort in my back. However, this time instead of resisting the pain I welcomed it. After a short while, I started to see images and hear communication from my bones and nervous system in my back.

It was amazing; my body lovingly communicated practical and useful information to me. In fact, this communication also resulted in a powerful release of old, stale, negative energy. I literally witnessed trauma releasing from my body as healing and regenerative energy moved in.

After the healing, I could not believe how much lighter I felt. Much of the pain was gone and my back was straighter. In fact, I could walk for hours without getting exhausted or experiencing any pain. I could even wear high heels, which was pretty incredible.

I was so intrigued and grateful for the wisdom and the healing ability of my own body that I began to regularly communicate with it and learn about its functions until the entire trauma and blockages I had were released.

Since then my back has been strong and I’ve had no pain.

When people ask who has been my biggest teacher, I tell them it’s the body and the spiritual
intelligence which works through it. Each body is unique and contains a wealth of useful and interesting information. What works for one person does not necessarily work for someone else. This is one of the main reasons we need to sharpen our intuition and learn about our own uniqueness, always being open to discovering something new and different, even if initially it doesn’t make sense.
The more we can trust that we have the knowledge, the more we’ll be open to using it.

What we need to do is be able to learn how to communicate with our body and then adjust our course of action so that we cater to our body's needs.

Listening to our bodies and following our intuition allows us to gently open up and have profound experiences within a very short period of time. Many people have become aware of the messages their body is sending them and have also opened up their intuitive and psychic abilities through doing the exercise I will share with you later in this article.

Intuitive healing can help heal many complaints. For example, Rachel came to me because she felt depressed, her eyesight was deteriorating and her business was generating very little income. When I scanned her body, one of the first things I noticed was the energy inside her body was very erratic. It was like there was a war going on inside her. I also noticed that there were a lot of grey colors inside her body, which in this case, I felt demonstrated energy blocks

I intuitively knew that clearing up this dense energy would lift much of Rachel’s depression and allow her to feel more open to receiving.

I led Rachel through what I call an Interactive Healing Meditation, where she was able to tune in to her body and witness the release of dense energy. After the healing session, Rachel said she felt lighter and more open to accepting abundance into her life. When Rachel finally opened her eyes, she was quiet for a few moments, then a tear rolled down her face. I asked her what happened. She very quietly but gratefully told me that she could see clearly. Her vision had been gradually deteriorating for the last ten years.

Later that day Rachel called my office to tell me more good news. Since I was with a client, my personal assistant answered the phone. Rachel was so happy she could not contain her excitement. She told my assistant to inform me that she received 47 calls in the last hour. Her business had gone from getting one or two calls a day, if she was lucky, to 47 calls in one hour.

Months later Rachel also shared with me that people she knew were commenting about how different she was, how good she looked and how much they enjoyed her company.

Below is a fantastic exercise to begin to connect to your intuition and communicate with your body:

1. Find ten to fifteen minutes of time where you won’t be interrupted.

2. Get into a comfortable position where you can relax.

3. Have a pen and paper by your side, so you can record any interesting or important information.

4. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and begin to focus inside.

5. Start focusing on your head (then your other organs), what does it feel like? Look like? What images can you see?

6. Open your eyes and record anything unusual.

7. Then ask your head (or the organ you are working on) to share any messages it has for you.

8. Once you have done that, record any messages and move on to another part of your body.

(Sometimes it helps to place your hand onto the part of the body you are communicating with.)

The more you get to know your body the more it will help you by giving you important messages. This way you will also be practicing preventive medicine and will save yourself a lot of pain, time and money searching for answers from others, as you will have immediate access to all the solutions yourself.

After working with many people I’ve also noticed that recognition is an important factor in healing. Often, just the act of acknowledging that something is there allows it to release. So often we spend our time being oblivious to our bodies that we create a thick energy blanket, which prevents us from communicating with our bodies. This also blocks our intuition. When you breakthrough that blanket you are able to heal faster, manifest quicker and empower yourself.

Healing works by accessing the divine part of us that knows how to take directions and make things work. It is the part that makes our heartbeat, our eyes see and our cuts heal. When it receives the right kind of communication it is like building new pathways in your body which enables it to be more effective and work in greater harmony.
By Milly Toovey

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