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At the Age of 30...

On the beautiful afternoon of August 6, 1988 I,Nicholas Nelson, entered this physical realm of being.  After 30 years and a few months of Life experience, I feel as if I finally have the privilege to "talk some shit" or "speak some knowledge" about Life.

If I could go back to 18, 21, hell even 24 year old Nick and sit him down to explain how little he knows about Life...what a conversation that would be.  He would fight me so hard with his 18,21, or 24 year old knowledge because he is so very sure "he knows".  Man, that dude didn't know shit.  Have you ever listened to someone speak and you knew damn well they had no clue what they were talking about?  That would be 30 year old Nick listening to 18-24 year old Nick talk about his knowledge of Life.  Of course he may have a general understanding of Life at those young ages but, the knowledge of the detailed intricacies of Life don't come until later on (hell they are still coming).

At the age of 24 is when Life took Its index finger, placed it on the center of my forehead, and showed me how little I truly understood about It.  Google "When Doctor Strange met The Ancient One" and that is a great example of what it all felt like and still feels like today.  Stepping into the understanding that you are more than what your mind can conceive. Understanding that there is more than what only stimulates the five senses.  We are extremely limited by those five senses because they heavily govern the reality around us. It is extremely difficult to think outside of what you are physically touching, seeing, smelling, tasting, and hearing.  The ability to remove yourself from the government of your senses is something that no average 18-24 is ready to experience.
That period of Life is all about the sensations experienced from the five senses, so how can you speak beyond them at that time? "You know what you know," says the government of the five senses. "You don't know that you don't know," says the government of Life.

The advice to all "experiencers" of Life from 30 years old Nick on December 15, 2018 at 11:36 PST is to:
 1) Be easy while in this realm of reality/existence. Find areas of stillness within your Life experience and root yourself into those areas.  That stillness is what will allow you to witness A GLIMPSE into the grandeur of Life. 

2) Allow yourself to not understand and be OK with it.  There are so many things in Life that we don't know, we don't know. But we tend to get upset about the tiny things in Life that we know, we know and the things we know, we don't know. If that part was a little confusing, keep reading it until it makes sense to you, lol.

3) Drop fear and allow love to guide you. Be aware, but not fearful.


So, this is Nick at 30 years into Life. I wonder what he will be like in another 30? 

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