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The Hustle of the Betterment of Self

Attempting to outdo
yourself every day can be the most difficult task one will ever embark on.  If I use myself as an example, waking up in the morning is the most demanding area of my life.  Why?  Because the question of, "What are you going to do today, Nick?" races through my mind as soon as I take that first conscious breath.  I'm forced to focus on the concept of, "Yesterday was yesterday, fella. Today is right now and tomorrow may not come, so what are you going to do about it?"  I try to get upset with myself wondering why I do this every morning, but I'm aware of the answer. There's a hustle of betterment that calls from within the depths of me that will not allow rest upon past accomplishments to become my demise.

There's a saying in the music business that states, "You're only as good/relevant as your latest hit," and it's with that concept that I must make every day a "hit record".  I must remain dominant in the minds of others, and most importantly, in the mind of myself.  There can never be a moment where I feel as if I've done something that will grant me the ability to take a day off.  There are no days off for those whom possess the mindset of a betterment-of-self hustler.  Now, of course you're human, so you will have moments of downtime (which will be needed), but the focus must never slack.

For example: While on a vacation there are books that can be read (or listened to) or an insightful documentary that can be watched before you go to bed or before you start the day.  There's never an excuse to take a day off from the betterment-of-self hustle.

As mentioned before, this can be the most daunting task one will experience, but understand that you are leveraging a difficult task against the knowing that you are becoming the best version of yourself.  No task, no matter how difficult, is worth coming between the empowerment of self. Start using every moment of everyday to perform your absolute best at "out-hustling" yesterday's version of you.


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